Sword School is an extension of Blood and Iron Martial Arts.

Blood and Iron is a modern salle d’armes that teaches European unarmed techniques and weapon skills, commonly referred to as western martial arts (WMA). The school brings to life the art of the long sword, the rapier and other historical weapons. When most people think of martial arts, they think of eastern arts like karate, tai kwon do or kendo.

Most people do not realize that Europeans have a very rich martial culture of their own. Blood and Iron would like to change that perception.

The instructors teach the technical fighting skills they have learned through historical research and combine it with their modern understanding of body mechanics and sports science. Their mission is to build exemplary sword fighters and provide their community with a fun and entertaining leisure activity that also gets their members fitter and healthier and, in the case of our younger members, strives to complement their educational and personal development. This training encourages physical fitness, and will impart and reinforce a code of conduct that includes self-discipline, respect, courtesy, and honor.

Thanks to the Blood and Iron Sword School program, now children aged 8-13 can get a head start in this entertaining and exciting art.

At Sword School, the old traditions of swordsmanship are enhanced and brought to life by experienced and dedicated instructors.

Lee and Nicole Smith, both decorated and renowned historical fencers, are the senior instructors in the school. They promote athletic excellence, safety and discipline and make sure that Blood & Iron teachers are the best at what they do.

Learning martial art teaches self-confidence, discipline, honor and responsibility that many other physical activities do not.

When compared to basketball, football, or soccer, Western Martial Arts are no less competitive. However, unlike those others, swordsmanship has a rich history that spans from the bronze age through the medieval period and the Renaissance, and well into modern times.  The sword itself is a symbol of tradition and honor that has held our fascination through the ages.

There are a lot of technical principles that go along with studying the art of the sword.  It is not the bash and slash you see depicted on television and the movies.

Beginning their studies in Western Martial arts, your child will undertake an exciting journey toward self-improvement and discovery.

Ranks at Sword School are separated into four main colours, with three subsections each: green, blue, red, and silver. Each colour rank allows for the student to learn a new weapon style: green is longsword, blue is single hand, red is sword and shield, and silver gives the students opportunity to learn some very light steel sword practice.

At each subsection, students will learn new techniques and tactics, and it is only when they are able to apply these techniques during sparring that they will be able to progress along the ranks. The only exception is silver, which has only one subsection as the rank is intended on having students prepare for transferring to the adult program.